Thank You! For our best 3-Day Sale ever!

Thanks to the overwhelming response from our customers, this year’s 3 Day Sale was the most successful in our history. We are grateful to have met so many new customers from throughout the North Bay! A special thanks goes out to our manufacturer reps who were busy throughout the day showcasing their new products, answering questions, and entertaining our customers.

Also a giant well deserved “thank you” goes out to our Myers team who worked tirelessly coordinating the sale and then responding heroically to the unexpected deluge of customers who were waiting for us at 8am when we opened. It appears our pledge to “Match any advertised price!” was an offer too good to pass up. It was amazing how many customers arrived clutching their sale flyers; checking off items on their list as they shopped.

And it is always good to spend time with our current customers who represent the best foodservice professionals in the Bay Area. Whether they run a restaurant, a commissary, church, school, or winery, our customers are absolutely the best!

Make sure you sign up for our email alerts as we hope to have more sale opportunities in 2018.

See you in 2019!